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Download all 52 Lessons from McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer

FREE Printable - McGuffey's ECLECTIC PRIMER - Start using this FREE Printable now!



Your child will LOVE learning to read and write with this book! 

All 52 Lessons in this full book can be found here right now for FREE.

Children have been learning to read with McGuffey Readers for over 140 years!

These two FULL McGuffey’s READERS can be downloaded here right now for FREE!

Download all 63 Lessons from McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader

FREE Printable - McGuffey's FIRST ECLECTIC READER - Start using this FREE Printable now!



Continue to advance your child’s reading and writing skills with this classic reader.

All 63 Lessons in this full book can be found here right now for FREE.

What are McGuffey READERS?

The McGuffey Eclectic Educational Series

Created by brothers William Holmes McGuffey (writer of the first four readers) and Alexander Hamilton McGuffey (writer of the fifth and sixth reader), the Eclectic Educational Series, a.k.a “McGuffey Readers”, have been educating classrooms for over 140 years.

Whether in the 1900s or today, the McGuffey’s Eclectic Educational Series is a complete tool to teach reading, writing and moral codes to children.

While more modern teaching methods have been developed, McGuffey Readers still remain a qualified, and in many cases, a more proficient method of teaching.

What Do You Get With These FREE Printables?

These McGuffey Reader Printable pages contain all pictures, words and reading lessons found within the original 52 Lessons from McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer and all of the original 63 Lessons from the McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader.

Each page has lined spaces for practicing handwriting and copywork.

This is helpful for writing practice as each Lesson introduces new words to read and cursive writing.

Students will also learn Roman Numerals since the Lessons are numbered in this form.

These printable pages are super easy to download and print. They print nicely as single sheets or front and back sheets. And print well in both color and in black & white.

Or if you prefer not to print, these downloads can be used in read only form as a pdf. ebook type format.

You will LOVE them!

Perfect for:

  • Copywork
  • Handwriting Practice
  • Read Aloud
  • Memorization
  • Vocabulary
  • Moral Lessons

Easy to Print:

  • Front & Back
  • Color
  • Black & White

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These Printables are perfect for all Classroom and Homeschool settings!

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