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These super awesome handwriting worksheets were created for use in our homeschool for my two daughters, but are not limited to children.

They can be and are great for adults who want to improve and practice their handwriting too!

Handwriting practice is more important than ever with the way we use our screened devices today.

My daughters LOVE to write and will spend hours writing and creating amazing stories, (thank you Night Zookeeper!) but it is all being typed.

In this day and age, instead of learning to first handwrite and then type, more often than not, it is the other way around.

Most kids are typing on some sort of electronic device before ever holding a pen and pad. (Paper notepad that is.)

This is why I remain passionate about creating the space and materials for my daughters to practice daily handwriting in ways they find enjoyable (aka not boring) and even in ways they do not realize they are practicing.

In my mind, any subject can be turned into handwriting practice.

Since everyone is different and all have a unique learning style, I try to make a version or two or three of each printable. Using different ordering, formats and layout for variety of choice.

Usually one in PRINT and one in CURSIVE and then one that combines both PRINT and CURSIVE on the same page.

I have found it to be extremely helpful for someone who is learning to read and write in cursive (especially for someone who does not want to learn cursive, but needs to anyway) to see both at the same time. Seeing the CURSIVE right next to the PRINT can do wonders.

LOVE sharing these with you!

And always LOVE to hear your feedback and how you LOVE to use these printables too!

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Handwriting Practice Sheets with Quotes: