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Discover it all with this book Series.

History – Nature – People – Science – Earth – The World

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Like visiting a museum within a book!

This is a most favorite book Series to LOVE.

We LOVE when our read aloud story topic corresponds with one of our EYEWITNESS books so the girls can visually pour through the EYEWITNESS book while I read about the world they are witnessing on the pages.

Enjoyable for the youngest to the oldest, kids will grow with these books, not grow out of them.

Great at giving beginner readers up close wonderful detailed visuals of each item. Independent readers experience the same beauty while diving deeper into the intriguing explanations of each topic.

Many of the photos are of actual historical pieces from museums and other photos capture the realness of all life, at all times, in all environments, across all of the world and into the universe.

The end of each book contains a “Did you know? Facts” section, a “Find out more” section with informative leads to further explanations, learning and exploration, along with an extensive helpful Glossary of definitions.

I also like the Contents Page. It is an easy one page Contents Page, which I like to make a photo copy of to write the date next to each topic as we read it and then keep the page in my records. This method helps me plan our lessons and keep track of our progress. (I don’t know why I like doing this, but I just do. 🙂 )

And I also LOVE this Series as a wonderful research and training tool to be used when practicing note taking, writing bibliographies or when choosing sources for copywork and other lessons.

You will read these books time and time again. A library must have!

The pictures and information stay relevant and meaningful even as your kids grow up, making them a constant reliable resource in your library.

Like mini encyclopedias, covering a vast amount within each book, you are led on a journey through the complete experience as a true EYEWITNESS.

You will LOVE them!

Here are a few examples of the EYEWITNESS books we LOVE in our library.

As this Series is constantly growing and updating all their books, there are many, many to choose from.

Lately I have seen that there are a few different versions of design and style they now come in, so do your research and decide which ones you would LOVE to have.

Which ones are your favorites?

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Eyewitness Books: Astronomy

“Discover the mysteries of the world’s oldest science – from constellations to moon rocks”

This book takes you through Astronomy’s History from the beginning of “naming the stars”, through all the different technologies over time, and into where we are today.

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Eyewitness Books: Ocean

“Discover what lies beneath the watery surface of our planet – from its sunlit shallows to its murky, mysterious depths”

An impressive look into the depths of our seas.

All ocean LOVErs Ahoy!

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Eyewitness - Weather - Book Cover - front

Eyewitness Books: Weather

“Discover the world’s weather – from heat waves and droughts to blizzards and floods”

Packed full with descriptions of all types of weather, forecasting, climate change and different technologies, this book includes it all.

Looking outside will never be the same again.

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Eyewitness - Mesopotamia - Book Cover - front pic 1

Eyewitness Books: Mesopotamia

“Discover the cradle of civilization – the birthplace of writing, religion, and the rule of law”

Amazing visuals help you envision what life could have been like at this time.

What a remarkable period in time!

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Eyewitness - Ancient Egypt - Book Cover - front pic 1

Eyewitness Books: Ancient Egypt

“Explore the Nile Valley civilizations – from colossal temples to tombs packed with riches”

Reveals many artifacts like games, clothes, weapons, sailing, food, song and dance and tools, to name a few, that you usually do not get to experience when researching Ancient Egypt.

Definitely allows you to see a closer glimpse into the daily lives of Ancient Egyptians as never before.

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Eyewitness - Ancient Greece - Book Cover - front pic 1

Eyewitness Books: Ancient Greece

“Step into the world of ancient Greece – from Greek gods, myths, and festivals to the birth of the Olympics”

From the politics, gods and goddesses, oracles, temples, at home life, games, dress, crafts, horticulture, empire expansion and much more, it is all here.

Get to know this epic culture!

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Eyewitness - Ancient Rome - Book Cover - front

Eyewitness Books: Ancient Rome

“Discover one of history’s greatest civilization – from its vast empire to the bloody gladiator fights”

Was Rome one of the “greatest civilizations?” You be the judge of that. Learn about how this civilization lived and its ultimate decline.

After reading this Series, you will be able to determine the “greats.”

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MORE Books in this SERIES to LOVE:

There is something here for everyone.

With over 100 Books to LOVE you will definitely find whatever genre and topic you are looking for within this Series.

What would you like to learn more about?

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